About Me

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My name is Nasir Shadravan. I’m located in Amsterdam.

I’m an experienced software engineer with ~20 years of experience building software. I’ve worked on a wide range of projects, from small startups to large enterprises. From J2EE to Django. From microservices monoliths.

I mostly write python. For the web side, I use HTMX, vanilla JS and Hyperscript. I avoid writing Javascript as much as possible. I prefer monolith apps. They are easier to reason about and develop. I prefer no build for web apps. Drop the need for npm all toghether. And you’ll be happier.

At the moment, I do freelancing. My preference is to build AI applications. If you need help building AI applications, I can help you.

You can follow me on X or contact me on Linkedin. Or email on nasir at semicolon dot io.